Rigor & Reliability

While you concentrate on your business, we deliver electronic components that meet your requirements, freeing you from administrative constraints and risks linked to supply.

The quality of our services is the result of good market knowledge as well as a culture of respect and excellence. These values ​​are essential to maintaining good relationships with our customers and suppliers around the world. We attach importance to feedback and constantly invest our energy in order to meet the new requirements of our customers and even anticipate them.

Strict selection of suppliers

Paying particular attention to the choice of our sources is one of the essential stages of our activity. Any new supplier is seriously studied and the entire panel is re-evaluated regularly and periodically.

  • Regular supplier rating
  • Periodic reassessment of suppliers

Compliance with customer requirements

The requirements of our customers are at the center of our concerns. The integration of these requirements into our procedures, whether explicit or implicit, is essential for the proper functioning of their activities and is even a significant commercial argument with their own customers. More than a supplier, we are a serious partner whose aim is to constitute a force for the customers who trust us.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Review of requirements

Parts inspection

The entry control is an essential and systematic step. It allows the detection and screening of any anomaly such as: counterfeits, falsifications, traces of use, deterioration, poor workmanship, etc. This is the assurance for our customers of receiving parts that meet their requirements and therefore of controlling the risks linked to their supplies.

  • Pre-receipt verification
  • Reception control equipment & infrastructure (binoculars, X-ray machines, EPA zones, etc.)
  • Document control
  • Entry control (Follower sheet): External and internal inspection of products
  • Options: Edition of the control report, monitoring of certified laboratory tests


  • EN9120 & ISO9001 certificates

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