Electronic components

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Aston Technologies

Quality Policy

At Aston Technologies, we have a strict quality charter that allows us to be more efficient:

Transmission of information by follow-up files

Strict selection of sources and products:

  • By the knowledge of the market
  • Long-standing relationship with suppliers around the world
  • Periodic re-evaluation of suppliers
  • Sources are diversified and adapted to the products
  • Feedback: supplier rating (ISO9001)
  • Identification of special customer requirements
  • Reception inspection process (binocular microscope analysis, X-rays ...)
  • Inspection of products externally and internally (detection counterfeits, falsifications, traces of use, ...)

Option : Edit Control Report

ESD zone for the preservation of products

Periodic reconditioning of parts in stock according to their MSL level.

Certification EN 9120 Certification ISO-9001