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Aston Technologies


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  • Source selection from our network of referenced suppliers
  • An important database of official suppliers updated daily
  • Access to official distributors and independent stockists regularly updated
  • Members of specialized research websites
  • Storage (more than 30,000 references)
  • Access to excess customer stock
  • Tracking order progress and reviews
  • Technical investigations in case of unavailable references

2 Order processing

  • Validation of the supplier and the reference through our review and database
  • Daily order tracking to ensure you have the best lead time

Aston Technologies has a powerful management tool that allows:

  • Global logistical follow-up
  • Customer order tracking
  • Supplier order tracking
  • Real-time monitoring of indicators (amount of inventory, cash forecast, turnover, etc.)

3 Control

4 Shipping & Storage

In compliance with the requirements related to packaging and transport, depending on the MSL level and the fragility of the products, we use packaging adapted to the products:

  • ESD packaging
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Hygrometry control
  • Program of Parts Sustainability (change of ESD packaging every 6 months)
  • Long-term storage

In addition, we are equipped with a high-performance security system against theft and fire risks.

Certification EN 9120 Certification ISO-9001